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Anomaly – A Revolutionary Haircare Brand By Priyanka Chopra Jones

by Priyanka Parshurami

Priyanka Chopras Jones came back to the bay after three years to celebrate the launch of her haircare brand Anomaly in association with Nykaa. Priyanka Parshurami gets an insight about the brand and its core values.

Anomaly, a gender neutral haircare brand born out of the traditional Indian hair care routines was launched by the actor, producer and entrepreneur, Priyanka Chopra Jones in association with Nykaa amidst a celebration on 2nd Nov 2022 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

The core of the brand revolves around the haircare routine followed by Priyanka Chopra Jones during her growing up which are deeply rooted in Indian traditions that help in having the healthiest foundation of hair. “Anomaly is clean, uncomplicated, gender inclusive and packed with recycled materials not just good for hair but also for the planet”, says Priyanka Chopra Jone.

When asked why she chose a haircare brand, says she, “my relationship with my hair has always been directly proportional to how confident I feel about myself. Whenever I have a bad hair day I am continuously fixing it and trying to mend which makes me lose my focus affecting my day’s work. And especially in my job as an actor, hair, make-up and wardrobe are the most important aspects of everyday routine.”

She further adds, “so for a long time I was thinking of doing something in beauty but did not understand what to do. Hence started with my research and there I came across the fact that defined, extremely clean hair care products with superior formulas at affordable prices did not exist. So, yes, that is when I decided to venture into a clean, sustainable and a gender neutral hair care brand.”

Anomaly is currently available in India with Nykaa for the B2C segment. However when asked Priyanka Chopra Jones on the brand venturing into the professional segment, she states, “currently we are a very naive brand at a nascent stage taking baby steps. But let’s see what the future holds for Anomaly.”

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