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International beauty educator, Unnati Singh spills makeup trends for 2022!

by Professional Beauty India

This year is all about dewy, natural, glass finish makeup looks. Don’t believe us, then listen to this expert as she states the makeup trends for 2022.

Aspiring make-up artists, are you still wondering what’s in trend for 2022? Worry not, we’ve got the expert who has played an eminent role in shaping the Indian beauty industry for more than 28 years. Let’s hear it from none other than, Unnati Singh, the International Beauty Educator and Owner of USPG Unnati Singh Salon And Academy. Right from her stance on makeup trends to plans for 2022, Unnati is here to share some valuable insight with us. So, keep on reading to know more!

  1. What is trending in make-up for 2022?
    As everyone loves to shine, this year is going to be all about dewy and glass finish looks. But at the same time, makeup artists would be holding the fort with the ‘less is more’ trend too. The minimal use of base makeup will enable clients to own the ‘masked beauty’ look. Coming to the eyes, pastel and matte eyeshadows with colourful eyeliners are going to make a mark for 2022. For lips, bold lip liners are back with a new twist. Think natural brown colour smudged with nude shade lipsticks and how it gives dimension to your lips. In terms of colours, bright and warm colour lipsticks, particularly the red family raspberry, rose, ruby, fuchsia, auburn, crimson, wine are set to rule the new trend.
  2. What are the major trends in bridal make-up to watch out for this year?
    A radiant, luminous yet natural look with bright lips is the major bridal makeup trend that one must watch out for in 2022. Additionally, the brides must be on “auto-glow” mode. To achieve it, their diet, nutrition and essential body care should be in discipline.
  3. What is your opinion of the Very Peri colour of the year and its relevance in make-up?
    I feel it’s a great balance of hi-energy red-violet colour with the addition of calmly confident blue. Being a soft and eye-soothing colour, very peri is set to add softness to your entire makeup look. It’s perfect for both, warm and cool undertones. One can rock the colour through liner, eyeshadows, blush and lipsticks too.
  4. What are your plans for 2022 as a make-up artist and educator?
    As a makeup artist, I aim to create more natural yet professional looks. In terms of an educator, I feel that lacking determination, passion and having no eye to detail but seeking quick access to being successful, often drives artists towards their downfall before they reach their peak. This is why I would like to teach new age artists to stick to details and thereby master the art. I plan to create and guide more artists by giving them adequate know-how about combining theoretical knowledge with the right techniques to perform and achieve desired looks. Teach the aspiring artists the procedural execution of work, i.e. having the vision, creating mood-board, resourcing, tracing (face carts), preparations and final execution. Lastly, I will be bringing back ‘Beauty Gossip with Unnati Singh’, an Instagram live talk show where every beauty enthusiast will get a chance to learn essential beauty hacks, tips and tricks for makeup.
  5. What advice would you give to aspiring make-up artists?
    My advice to aspiring make-up artists is to pay attention to details. One must focus on consultation. It’s important to learn the essence of makeup which means making things up! Last but not least, keep it natural and up to the mark.

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