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Raw Beauty and Actress Shruti Bapna Join Hands for ‘Life in Samatva’ Retreat

by Professional Beauty India

Raw Beauty’s Founder Sunayana Walia said that Shruti Bapna “resonated 100%” with the brand’s ideology.
Raw Beauty Wellness, a skin and haircare brand, has teamed up with Bollywood actress Shruti Bapna for ‘Life in Samatva,’ a wellness retreat in Almora, Uttarakhand.
Rooted in beliefs of minimalism and slow-living, Raw Beauty intends to encourage mindful consumption. Sunayana Walia, Founder of Raw Beauty Wellness, said that the “like-minded synergy” of the brand and Shruti led to the association between the two.
“We are grateful for Raw Beauty to be associated with Shruti Bapna. She resonated 100% with our beliefs and ethos and almost instantly understood that Raw Beauty is simply an extension of our lifestyle. This like-minded synergy made the entire experience of being the gifting partners for ‘Life in Samatva’ made the entire experience feel more complete and joyous. We got an opportunity to introduce our range of skin and hair care products to many more like-minded people and such small steps fill our heart in the most abundant of ways,” Sunayana explained.
Talking about how her love for wellness made her stumble upon Raw Beauty, Shruti said, “I came across Raw Beauty on Instagram and reached out to them immediately! … Wellness is a big part of who I am and to support that with clean and mindfully curated products is a conscious decision that I’m happy to take again and again. … I couldn’t have had a better brand to associate with and make my wellness retreat all the more wholesome.”

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