Professional Beauty India presents the Virtual Salon Management Congress (SMC-V). As the salon industry in India resumes Business as Unusual, it is left with a new set of challenges in the post-lockdown scenario. We bring together skippers of the salon industry in a two-day virtual conference to present their thoughts and strategies to deal with the current situation in the best manner possible.


Unusual times = unusual solutions
Industry experts will gather on a digital platform under the leadership of Professional Beauty India and discuss the nuances of salon business in the light of social distancing, mass paranoia and hygiene protocols.


Crystal ball gazing
Amid uncertainty and speculation, the salon industry is beset with issues such as low footfall, operational restrictions and an increasing cost base. Salon leaders from across the country take a lead to assess the current problems, ideate workable strategies and predict the times ahead.


Pragmatic approach
The repercussions of lockdown are real and long lasting. Salon owners gear up to share their know-how on operations, finance and marketing, and help curate a customised approach for the salon business.


Salon Community – United
SMC-V will again connect and unite the salon community bringing hundreds of owners, managers and team members together to ideate long term solutions to the current salon business challenges.  


Be a part of the salon business revolution with the Virtual Salon Management Congress 2020.


Hear industry leaders, brand and salon owners unite and talk about nothing but salon business!



19 October 2020


How to manage your salon staff in the new normal? 



Back to school: analysing what academies need to learn to adapt their models to the Covid-era? 



Salon Model 2.0: Survival of the fittest and the nimblest: what will the industry look like in the near future?




DAY 2 - 13 OCTOBER 2020


Inside – Out: Analysing the impact of home services on the traditional salon business



Social Media: Foe or Saviour?



Redesigning your service menu




19 October 2020


Clearing legal hurdles for your salon business and protecting your Brand and IPs


1. Cut, copy, paste: How and when to effectively protect your IP and Brands as a product or salon owner from being copied? Analysing case studies from salons and brands that have had their identity and products ripped off and fought back

2. Franchising nightmares: Understanding the legal solutions for common pitfalls when building a franchise business model e.g. licensing agreements, outstanding franchise fees, rental contracts Bi or Tripartite, quality checks etc

3. When the customer is NOT king: Dealing with consumer complaints and the new Consumer Protection Law 2019

4. Socially awkward: What happens when your social media handles get taken over by squatters or you get trolled by defamation?

5. Poached: Managing the ramifications of broken employment contracts

6. Squatting it: Analysing your options when dealing with leasehold disputes with your landlord



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