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What’s new in Keratin Treatment?

by Professional Beauty India

Godrej Professional Kerasmooth, says Heena Dalvi, National Technical Head, Godrej Professional. Kanishka Ramchandani gets her to share details about this advanced treatment.

Why do customers prefer Keratin treatments during summers and monsoon?

Summer and monsoon seasons lead to uncontrollable frizz and make hair look dull and dreary. Keratin treatment is one of the most popular hair smoothening methods that transform dry unruly hair into smooth and shiny tresses. This semi-permanent treatment dives into the follicles and injects permeable areas with the necessary hair protein. The results are frizz-free lustrous hair that is easily manageable come rain or shine. And, it works on all hair types- even straight hair which tends to lose its shine in the summers and frizz up in the rains. Godrej Professional’s Kerasmooth range uses only great ingredients (no nasties like formaldehyde), combats frizziness, and doesn’t damage hair. Kerasmooth Keratin treatment has won over not only professional hairstylists but also customers who can now have a good hair day, every day.

What are the disadvantages of Keratin treatments on hair, especially with regards to formaldehyde?
There are numerous benefits of Keratin treatments ranging from smoothened hair to a healthy shine and easily manageable mane. However, the drawback stands to be the harm from the formaldehyde that is usually found in most keratin treatments. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic substance, and its exposure has been linked to the risk of respiratory problems and sometimes, cancer due prolonged exposure. Therefore, Godrej professional has come up with Kerasmooth – a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment. It gives hair the appearance of straight and smooth locks, without damaging the hair quality.

There is a misconception that formaldehyde-free keratin treatments are not very active and don’t provide lasting effects. In fact, while being the better option in terms of safety and efficiency in treating hair, formaldehyde free keratin treatments are just as effective in providing long lasting results. Godrej professional Kerasmooth treatment can last up-to 60 washes that is approximately up-to 4 to 6 months depending on the aftercare taken to maintain. We suggest using a sulphate free range like Godrej Professional Keracare shampoo and mask to maintain the longevity of the treatment.

Tell us more about Kerasmooth. Which ingredients replace formaldehyde in it?
The Godrej Professional offers Kerasmooth Keratin Treatment which is an advanced formaldehyde-free formula that helps replenish the keratin in the hair. The treatment works well on curly- frizzy hair and dull and sensitised hair strands to transform them into shiny and smooth locks with long-lasting smoothened results while maintaining the health of the hair. Their enhanced formulation is enriched with Moisturising Complex; moisturising agents such as panthenol, shea butter, wheat germ oil and hydrolysed keratin help in adding moisture and luster to hair while reconstructing hair fibers and retaining moisture to prevent further hair damage. Ingredients like keratin amino acids in Kerasmooth works along to smoothen out hair frizz and add protein to the hair.

While Keratin is made with natural ingredients, most keratin treatment products use a chemical called formaldehyde which is a probable human carcinogen. There have been concerns about the health risks for both users as well as salonists while engaging in formaldehyde-based keratin treatments. Kerasmooth’s unique formulation is free of Formaldehyde and addresses these concerns of customers and salon professionals and provides smooth and relaxed hair without any health risks or damage.

Why should hairdressers offer it as part of their haircare menu?
Hairdressers love to make your relationship with your hair easier. Years of flat ironing, curling and hair colouring leave hair damaged and dull. Keratin treatment is a hairdresser’s favourite in their arsenal of hair care treatments. It repairs the cuticle so your hair can hold moisture better, and gives it a shiny, healthier appearance. It also adds volume and bounce to your hair making it easier to style. Keratin treatments also help hair hold colour for longer, protect it from UV damage and reduce the use of heat styling products. Moreover, it suits all hair types and thus sits well on the haircare menu. Easy manageable hair with a lot of potential for styling not only makes a hairdresser’s life easier but also their customer’s.

What advice would you like to give to hairdressers who do haircare treatments and consultations for frizzy hair?
To map out the right treatment for frizzy hair, it is important to understand what is causing the frizziness and dullness. The ideal products and treatments would depend on the core reason for unruly frizz. A complete thought-out approach needs to be used while taming frizzy hair and bringing back the shine. Hairdressers should not rush into it with strong chemical treatments, right in salon services need proper home care that needs to be followed. Using sulphate- and paraben-free haircare product works well. Anti-frizz serums and leave-in oils should always be a part of the haircare regime for frizzy hair. While Keratin treatment is considered the gold standard for smooth hair, it has its share of after care that needs to be maintained.

What are the common mistakes that customers make while dealing with frizzy hair? How to avoid these mistakes?
Preventing frizz before it starts is a great way to deal with hair prone to frizziness. One common mistake I have seen people make is over washing/ shampooing hair – this is a direct line to frizzy hair for both curly and straight-haired people. It causes hair to lose its natural oil and results in dehydrated unruly hair. Another common mistake people tend to make is over-styling with heat. While this is a great in-the-moment solution, in the long term it only damages your hair and causes further frizziness. I would advise people to use heat styling as little as possible and use heat protectants religiously.

If your hair has sustained years of damage, it will be more prone to frizziness, this is where treating the core of the issue comes in. Give your hair a good cut to get rid of some of the damage, use sulphate-free shampoos and indulge in hair spas and keratin treatments to prevent further destruction.

What home care suggestions can you give to customers (post keratin treatment)?
While Keratin treatment is a no-fuss method of hair smoothing, it does require some aftercare, which can be easily done at home. Some home care suggestions for post Keratin treatment are-

  1. Keep Your Hair Dry
    It is typically advised to wait three days to wash your hair after a Keratin Treatment.
    Don’t Wash Your Hair as Often After the Keratin Treatment
    Post the three-day wait since your treatment, it is best to not wash your hair daily. This helps the treatment last as long as possible.
  2. Choose a Sulphate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner
    It is recommended to use gentle sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner that does not dry out your hair strands. Also, a clarifying shampoo is a strict no after keratin treatment as they deep clean the cuticles and dissolve the keratin.
  3. Keep Your Hair Down for Keratin Treatment After Care
    After you get a keratin treatment, your hair is susceptible to creasing or dents and thus it’s crucial to keep your hair loose and free avoiding hair ties and clips. If possible, you shouldn’t tuck your hair behind your ear as well.
  4. Use a Silk Pillowcase
    A silk pillowcase is a hair saviour for frizzy hair as it helps reduce any friction while sleeping. This is essential after a keratin treatment and helps prolong the results.

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